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Johnny's Entertainment Fanfiction Remix

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Johnny's Entertainment Remix Challenge
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The Amazing JE Remix Challenge

Welcome to the JE Remix Challenge! The challenge is open for all kind of Johnny's Entertainment writers. You will be matched with people that match your preferred groups and pairings.

It runs twice a year - one in January and once mid-year. The dates are flexible.

Current tentative schedule (Winter 2013):
Sign ups open: October 5th
Sign ups close: October 19th
Writer Preferences (optional): October 20th - 25th
Assignments Sent: October 26th
Status checks: November 23rd
Deadline for Remixes: December 1st
Posting: December 8th - 15th (tentative)
Reveals: December 21st (just in time for a little bit of Christmas cheer :D )

So... first things first, what's a remix?
A remix is when you take somebody's else story and you rewrite it! Sounds fun, doesn't it?
And scary.

Uh? Rewrite it? So I get to change that awful ending where MatsuJun becomes a Mountie and Ueda joins the Pussycat Dolls?
First, that'd be an awesome ending.
Second, no, that's not it. While you have an astounding degree of liberty, some things are not to be changed.

Why not?
Because the limits make the challenge.

OK. So what can't I change?
Pairings and basic plotline.

In order to qualify..., writers must have a minimum of 3 complete fics with a minimum of 500 words each. These fics should not be original character-centric. Collaborations do not count towards this minimum and neither do remixes.

Completed fics that fall below the word minimum and have original characters as the main can be remixed.

Writers get one story exempt from remixing.

You’re now allowed to remix fics that have already been remixed by someone else. You're also allowed to remix remixes, with some constraints.

The remix minimal word count is 1,000 words.

Assignments will be anonymous. That is, writers will not know who is remixing whom.

A special feature of this particular remix challenge are Writer's Preference Remixers check out each others' archives/fics and submit a list of preferred writers (minimum from 3-5). The 'preferred writers' list will hold a slight priority over 'preferred groups/pairings.' This is not mandatory, though. The preferences will be confidential.

Posting is done by the mods.

Further information - FAQ and Rules Masterpost.

je_prompts is a cool little community where writers can sign up with a pairing, group, or person and create 50 works (fics, graphics, etc) based on a table of prompts provided by the community. It's a cool idea to get people to produce, produce, produce!

Want to affiliate? Just PM jentremix_mod and we'll do business ;)

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