Cycle 11 Cancelled

Today is the 19th, and we are sad to announce that Remix will not be running this cycle.
Despite the down-time fandom has been having lately, we were hoping for a revival, but alas, not today.

We want to say 'THANK YOU' to doctoggy, alexxasick, rikikomori, faded_lace, and ltgmars for putting the effort into signing up. We hope you'll stick around for the next round.

Until then, take care! :D/

Cycle 11 Sign-ups!

Here we are, once again, for sign-ups :D/
Thank you for those who participated in our Winter Remix poll. Based on the results/interest, we're going to move forward tentatively. Depending on how sign-ups go for the next two weeks, we may or may not have to cancel this round.
But until then...Cycle 11 is here! Bring it on!

Pimp it!

Before you sign up, please remember this:
1)In order to qualify for the remix, writers must have a minimum of 3 complete fics with minimum 500 words each. These fics should not be original character-centric. Collaborations do not count towards this minimum.

2) Stories that are incomplete and are collaborations automatically don't count. So you can use your safe story on a fic that is outside those categories (like a story you finished but would rather not have remixed). You can put down any story you want... it just makes no sense to give immunity to a story that can't be remixed anyway.

3) Remixes have to be at least 1,000 words.

Finally, the sign up form!

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You can also remix stories that have previously been remixed, so almost anything goes!

Current tentative schedule (Winter 2013):
Sign ups open: October 5th
Sign ups close: October 19th
Writer Preferences (optional): October 20th - 25th
Assignments Sent: October 26th
Status checks: November 23rd
Deadline for Remixes: December 1st
Posting: December 8th - 15th (tentative)
Reveals: December 21st (just in time for a little bit of Holiday cheer :D )

You have until midnight EST October 19th to sign-up.
We've posted the FAQs and Rules on the side for future reference.
As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Comment here or email us at :)

Winter Remix Poll

Would you be interested in participating in this up-coming cycle of Remix?

Still thinking/maybe
Depends on who else is signing up

Sign-ups on October 5th-19th. Yay or nay?

Yay! :)
Nay! :(

I have some feedback/suggestions to give!

Yes -I will either comment, PM, or email (

Cycle 10 Reveals!

Hi everyone! Cycle 10 is officially over and it's been a fun round. Even with fewer of us around, we got a good variety of stories. As promised, after a week, now is the time for REVEALS!!!

We wanted to say THANK YOU to solesakuma and lastingdreams8 for being our betas for this round.
We also appreciate each and everyone of you for pulling through, because we had NO pinch-hits this time around. We could not have done it without your hard work, so THANK YOU ♥

We hope you enjoyed this cycle of Remix. Don’t forget to give some comment!love to your remixers.
We hope you’ll join us for the next cycle, peace out! :Dv
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So, what did you think? Were there things you liked, disliked? Was there anything you'd like to change or add?
As always, if we've made a mistake, or you have comments and suggestions, feel free to shoot us an email at
Until the next time :D/

Remix for azurevanillasky

Title: The Art of Thievery (The All is Fair in Love and War Remix)
Rating: G
Group/Pairing: Arashi; Matsumoto Jun/Ninomiya Kazunari
Warnings: None
Notes: I'M TRULY ASTOUDINGLY SORRY about how long it took me to send this.
Link to Original Story: The Artistry of Thievery by Team Ariake
Link to Original Writer: azurevanillasky

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Remix of moogle_tey's "Time"

Title: In Time With You
Rating: G
Group/pairing: Kanjani8/YokoHina
Warnings: None
Notes: I really liked the way you measured time in your original fic, moogle_tey and wanted to put my own take on it. I think I might’ve went a little off-track with it, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless :)
As always, thanks to my wonderful speedy beta, and any mistakes left are totally me xD
Links to original story: Time
Links to original author: moogle_tey

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Remix for kamja

Title: Perfect Idol (the toil and trouble remix)
Rating: PG
Group/Pairing: Yoko, Subaru, and Hina (Yuuko, Subako, and Hinako); background Aiba, Nino, and Jun; mentions of Yoko/Aiba and Matsumiya.
Warnings: Not-quite-genderswap.
Notes: Jun only has one good performance in him per day. This is why. There are two realities here: the human reality where Yokoyama Kimitaka joins Johnny's and Associates, and the parallel reality where Yuuko, Subako, and Hinako are witches who have nothing better to do than to make their human counterparts join an idol company. This is written from Yuuko's point of view and focuses mainly on the witch reality. Your enjoyment of this fic will be enhanced if you're familiar with Kanjani8's 7 Okans skits, but you'll be fine without them. kamja, thank you for having such a fun idea to work with! I wanted to give Jun's "singing talent" an origin story of sorts, so here it is! I hope you enjoy it. Thanks to H for the pom-poms, and to A for being the best.

Link to Original Story: birthday coffee
Link to Original Writer: kamja

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Remix of yue_akuma's "French Cancan"

Title: Japonisme (the Cancan Remix)
Rating: PG-13
Group/Pairing: Okura Tadayoshi/Murakami Shingo and many others sprinkled throughout
Warnings: Suggestive situations, prostitution, liberal use of epithets (but for a reason)
Notes: There was one part of the original that really caught my eye that inspired me to try to flip everything upside down. I hope it's enjoyable! Just a setting note: for a quick primer on onnagata, you can check here. This remix takes place in Japan during the early stages of the Meiji period when Japan's ports were open to global trade and kabuki was past its original heyday. "Japonisme" is a particular art style. Big thanks to A, C, I and the super patient mods!
Link to Original Story: French Cancan
Link to Original Writer: yue_akuma

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Remix for solesakuma

Title: More Glimpses of Brief Literary Skits (A Remix)
Rating: PG
Group/Pairing: Arashi, KAT-TUN, Matsumoto Jun/Kamenashi Kazuya.
Warnings: As it’s been eons since I read most of them, this might come out as a rather irresponsible interpretation of all of the works mentioned.
Notes: Dear solesakuma, I adore the original to smithereens ♥! I took (perhaps a bit too much) liberties to play with a new viewpoint along with numerous of embarrassingly nerdy allusions. Quotes in italics are not mine; they belong to the original works. And dear you lovely beta, thank you. :)
Link to Original Story: A Biography in Brief Literary Snapshots.
Link to Original Writer: solesakuma

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Remix of araanaz9's "Sometimes"

Title: The most specialist
Rating: G
Group/Pairing: NEWS, Tegoshi/Massu
Warnings: None
Notes: I hope you like this, araanaz9! It was an old fic and a short one, but I thought it was really sweet and such a lovely pairing, and I wanted to see how I could work in Tegoshi's feelings on the whole thing since your fic was from Massu's point of view.
Link to Original Story: Sometimes
Link to Original Writer: starsforget

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